Writing has always been a passion of mine, be it fiction or journalism. I write about nerd culture, travel, fashion, and occasionally wander over to the academic and literature realms.

My recent clips and writing portfolio can be found HERE. My credits include everything from iExplore to BuzzFeed.

onefixedpointThe One Fixed Point

The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age is a collection of essays on Sherlockiana written exclusively by members of online fandom. I thought up the idea and am the editor on the project along with two of my Baker Street Babes colleagues.

In an effort to prove to the greater Sherlockian world that the online community has something more to say than just animated gifs and oogling of actors, this collection of essays will feature the voices of the new generation of fans who find their clubs and scions in forums and blogs.

The One Fixed Point is available at book stores everywhere and online at wessexpress.com.


untitledSomething Amusing

Something Amusing is my first novel and was published by Drakestone Press in 2011.

   Maxwell Bamford, bless his soul, is very much the gentleman of the age. Young, handsome, and wealthy, he enjoys a certain lifestyle, but cannot rise to meet it.
   Mr. Bamford, you see, is as much good company as a dead squirrel.
   Joined by his feisty sister and charming-yet-foolish best friend- the three souls flounder through life until they are up-rooted from their pampered bubble and thrust into the outside world.
   Set in colonial India prior to The Raj, Something Amusing is the story of three friends who discover romance, new faces, and their own ignorance of the society surrounding them.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


HeaderVery Nerdy Curly is my personal blog featuring musings, shenanigans, interviews, and ramblings about the media at large with a nerdy twist, and a side of delicious travelling with a podcast aperitif. Find out more information at www.verynerdycurly.com



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